Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rhino - Marvel Universe

Most of the Marvel Universe figures I own are X-Men characters. Spider-Man is my favorite individual Marvel hero, so when I saw this villain I had to have him.  The Rhino is a massive beast of a man. The figure features great sculpted details and a nice dry brushed paint scheme. He also has awesome rhino hooved feet.

I don't know if it was a common problem with this figure or not, but the right fist pulls out of its ball and socket very easily. If I were a kid I would be extremely frustrated that this toy falls apart while playing with him. Rhino is the first Marvel Universe figure I've had this problem with, but I do have a Street Fighter figure  from Jazwares that has the same issue.

The Rhino figure really is a fearsome foe. He's a great figure and a perfect 3D translation of the comic book character. I'd like to find a few more Spider-Villains. In fact, I need to find some X-Villains. I almost exclusively own heroes from the Marvel Universe line.


  1. I like this one better than the armored version for sure. He has not been found down here.

  2. We are in the same boat my friend.The only MU villains I have is Red Skull, Constrictor and The Lizard form the Amazing Spiderman flick.The only ones I really want are Doom,Baron Zemo Magneto and maybe Thanos.Oh yeah and Juggernaut.I might go after rhino and both Goblins.As much as people raved about the Apocalypse figure,I really didn't like it much.Hes sort of truncated and short looking.Kind of like a Marvel Capcom version.

  3. I've always got my eyes open for a Kang, but he seems rather hard to find these days.

    That's a pretty awesome looking Rhino. The face sculpt is particularly well done.